Titan Comics Announce Steampunk Fairy Tale ‘Wika’, One Of The Most Beautiful Books You Read

by Olly MacNamee

When I got this preview of this new book, I was simply blown away. And, I think you will be too.
Wika is another English translation of a European bande dessinée from Titan Comics being put out under their Statix Press imprint. Written by Thomas Day and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit this steampunk fairy tale graphic novel isn’t due until March 2021, but it’s never too early to pour over amazing art like this. It’s definitely a title I’ll be picking up come the spring based on these elegant, detailed preview pages. I mean, juts look at them! Definitely one of the most beautiful books to look out for next year and more evidence that the Europeans really know how to do comics.

After narrowly escaping an uprising that claims the lives of her parents, Wika, the last of a royal line of fairies, must evade the assassins on her trail long enough to discover the secret of her lineage.

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