‘His Dark Materials’ Season 2 Trailer Teases The Great War And The Subtle Knife

by Erik Amaya

Thanks to its unconventional production schedule, the second season of HBO’s His Dark Materials is set for a late-Fall release. And the cable channel/streaming service is more than happy to remind fans of the stakes, characters, and intrigues awaiting them as the story moves into the second novel in author Philip Pullman‘s fantasy novel series, The Subtle Knife, in this trailer for Season 2. In fact, the Knife gets a subtle shout-out amid scenes of the Majesterium preparing for the Great War, alliances getting hatched, and Lyra (Dafne Keen) getting to know Will (Amir Wilson).

We have to admit that, much like the first book in the series, we lost track of the show about halfway through the first season. Though well cast and remarkably produced, it lacked a certain momentum. Although, that could be down to the way Pullman paced the first novel. Nevertheless, we’re glad to see HBO taking genre stories this seriously and, with Lyra and Will finally on the adventure together, we hope things will pick up in Season 2.
His Dark Materials returns to HBO this November.

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