McFarlane Toys Aims To Bring Excitement To Collecting With ‘Platinum’ Chase Program

by Gary Catig

Back in July, McFarlane Toys teased a new chase program that would be arriving soon. Recently, it was announced that the program would be called McFarlane Platinum Edition.
In 2021, all figures released from the program will be showcased in limited edition packaging and bare the McFarlane Platinum Edition label printed in foil. They will all be highly limited in number and feature a rare paint variation. The special figures will extend across all of the company’s pop culture brands and will hopefully bring excitement to collectors.
The first figure in the program is Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze Edition. There will only be 3,000 units worldwide and they are randomly packed into DC Multiverse cases shipping to retailers globally. The chase Joker figure will hit retailers this September.

Expect several more rare chase figures to be announced and released later this year. Is this new program enough to entice collectors to stake out their local brick and mortars or are they going to be willing to pay the higher price and get them in the secondary market?

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