Review: A Satisfying Ending That Came Way Too Soon In ‘Ghosted In LA #12’

by James Ferguson

Daphne is forced to make a decision that will affect her future, both in college and at Rycroft Manor. It’s clear that things have changed for all the residents there, both living and dead. After everything they’ve been through together and apart, where do they go next?

Daphne’s journey has been one of finding herself. For seemingly her entire life, she’s shaped who she was based on the feelings and preferences of other people. Rycroft Manor has helped who figure out who she really is inside and what she ultimately wants to do in this world. It took meeting a group of ghosts to get there.
This exploration has been fascinating. Writer Sina Grace hits on some real feelings that most of us have gone through. I know I have. For the first time in her life, Daphne is standing up for herself and taking steps on her own path. It’s refreshing and very uplifting.

This quality extends to the other characters in Ghosted in LA too as they’re all faced with a decision as to where to go next in their lives…or afterlives. It’s absolutely riveting. Artist Siobhan Keenan showcases that hope and wonder as these folks embark on the next step in their journeys. This is especially true of Daphne who is standing strong, carrying herself in a completely different demeanor than she did when this series started.
There’s a pinch of the supernatural within Ghosted in LA #12, reminding us again that we’re dealing with ghosts and there are some dangers that come with that. This is an element I’m curious about as it feels a little rushed in this issue, so it makes me wonder if there were plans to explore this further in later chapters that unfortunately got cut short. Keenan raises the tension when this element pops up on the page, but again, that’s rather short-lived.

Colorist Cathy Le works magic once again with the ghosts, shading them in a unique light blue. This gives them a slight sad tone, while distinguishing them from the living characters. Despite this feeling, there’s still a vein of hope in them, like they’re finally getting a chance to really live…even though they’re dead.
This quality is also extended to DC Hopkins‘ letters as the ghosts’ dialogue is shown in a similar shade. Hopkins delivers one of the most powerful moments in the issue as one of the ghosts tries to visit home and just can’t quite bring himself to do it. His single statement speaks volumes as to what’s going through his mind.

After the events of the previous issue, I figured Ghosted in LA was coming to a close, but it doesn’t mean I was prepared for it. This comic is truly special and it’s still brimming with untapped potential. That being said, the creative team brings this to a close with such energy, hope, and positivity. While I still want more from this world and these characters, this is a satisfying ending and one that definitely left me smiling.
Ghosted in LA #12 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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