Scout Comics Launches All-Ages Imprint Scoot! In January 2021

by James Ferguson

Indie publisher Scout Comics continues to expand. We’ve seen sci-fi, horror, fantasy and more lately. Now the publisher is getting into the all-ages space with Scoot!, a new imprint devoted to young readers aged four to twelve. Richard Rivera will serve as Associate Publisher with Wayne Hall as the Editorial Director. Scoot! will feature an international collection of titles with a focus on diversity and educational value.

The first titles published under the Scoot! banner include:

  • Unikorn by Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin
  • Sengi and Tembo by Guiseppe Falco
  • Soulstream by sixteen year old Saida Woolf
  • Mapmaker by Ben Slabak and Francesca Carita

Wild Bull and Chipper from Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix will also be joining the lineup. There are other titles in the works as the publisher aims to grow the imprint quickly.

“Our whole team is excited by the immense potential of the Scoot! imprint.  We welcome the next generation of readers and future comic creators to the wonder of enjoying comics.  We want to entertain kids, we want to challenge them, and, most of all, we want to inspire children to celebrate their own creativity and imagination,” explains Rivera. “Our comics will be fun, sometimes serious, but always have a goal of being positive, uplifting, and empowering.”

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