Daniel Cherry Named As DC Comics’ General Manager

by Erik Amaya

DC Comics’ conversion to the digital space continues.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, former Activision Blizzard executive Daniel Cherry will serve as the publisher’s new general manger. At one time, Cherry was the chief marketing officer of Activision’s eSports division — confirming early rumors from last month indicating DC’s new supervisor would be a veteran of that field.
In his new role, Cherry will manage the company’s “business affairs, editorial, talent services, marketing, sales, brand and direct to consumer functions,” according to THR. He will also have a hand in business development. All of which is pretty consistent with the general manager post as outlined by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office and DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee in an interview a few weeks back.
Lee, for his part, will focus more on expanding DC’s worldwide reach into other markets. This was already seen during DC FanDome, where he acted as the company’s shepherd and historian during a wide variety of presentations. Nevertheless, he will still work closely with Cherry. In fact, THR likened the working relationship to the one Lee enjoyed with former DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, who handled much of the publisher’s operations.
Cherry will begin his tenure at the company on September 8th, which will likely be a key day in the history of DC Comics. As it happens, the publisher is still smarting from a crushing round of layoffs. Outside of its Burbank offices, many fans wonder if there is much of a future for the comics division as corporate owner AT&T seems ambivalent towards being in the direct market business. Lee himself said DC will move toward a digital first mindset and Cherry’s appointment only confirms that plan.
But one has to wonder if he will have a statement of his own to make to employees and fans next week.

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