Pick Up ‘Best Of 2000 AD’ #0 As Part Of Free Comic Book Summer

by Richard Bruton

Back in 2019, before the world had it’s own particular brand of apocalypse, 2000 AD announced it was going to publishing a brand-new US-sized monthly – Best of 2000 AD. Well, things went slightly wrong in 2020, as we all know, and this meant the publication of Best of 2000 AD was pushed back to 2021. But right now, right this minute, you can get hold of the planned Free Comic Book Day primer in your favourite comic book store – Free!!

Diamond’s Free Comic Book Summer is happening right now, from July 15th to September 9th, and you can pick up your own copy of the Best of 2000 AD #0 – just look for that cover from Glenn Fabry on the shelves!
Free Comic Book Day 2020 was another Covid-19 casualty, but over Free Comic Book Summer, participating comic book retailers get five to six FCBD titles in their weekly shipments during each week of the promotion. But bear in mind that titles will vary from shop to shop and also remember that the shops have still had to pay for these ‘free’ comic books – so while you’re in the store do pick up something from them to help them out!

Inside, you get a brand-new and exclusive Judge Dredd by Al Ewing and Erica Henderson – previewed above.
And you’ll also get some great reprints, including Judge Anderson by Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, Durham Red (with Johnny Alpha) by Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and Carlos Ezquerra, and Rogue Trooper by Gordon Rennie and Richard Elson.
Best of 2000 AD Issue Zero is available at comic stores taking part in Diamond’s Free Comic Book Summer right now!


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