A Secret Destiny Revealed In ‘Shang-Chi #1’ Trailer

by James Ferguson

You’ve seen the variant covers leading up to the release. Now as we get closer to the series debut, Marvel Comics has shared a trailer delving into Shang-Chi #1, the new comic from writer Gene Luen Yang and artists Dike Ruan and Philip Tan. The comic follows the master of martial arts as he’s forced to confront his family’s dark history when the mysterious Five Weapons Society comes out of the shadows. Since his father, Zheng Zu founded the group, Shang-Chi is pulled into a full-blown war during a power struggle.

“We are keeping all of the big pieces of Shang-Chi’s backstory. He’s the son of a supervillain who dreamed of taking over the world. Shang-Chi grew up in a remote area of China, separated from modern society. He eventually made his way to America and joined forces with American superheroes. We want to flesh him out by adding to his supporting cast,” Yang revealed in a recent interview with SYFY Wire. “We’ve met some of his siblings in the past, but in this particular miniseries we’re going to meet a full set of them. Each is going to bring out a different aspect of Shang-Chi’s personality.”
Shang-Chi #1 is set for release on September 30th, 2020.

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