Super Sunday: Crowdfunding Comics Special

by Olly MacNamee

It’s been a while since we last looked in on comic book creators new and established who are crowdfunding comics via Kickstarter – a more and more popular option these days – as recent success stories Noceterra and BRZRKR show. Although, with the big names attached to these projects – Scott Snyder, Tony S Daniels (Nocterra) and Keanu Reeves (BRZRKR) it’s no surprise really. But, it did get us thinking here at Comicon HQ that it was high time we shone a spotlight on those campaigns that could well get overlooked as Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms start getting clogged up by more and more professional projects. Hardly an even playing field now is it?
So, we hope you can join us across this afternoon for a look in on several Kickstarter campaigns that we think are deserved of your time and consideration.

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