Super Sunday (Part 3): ‘Aztlan: The Decline Of The Wind’ A Stunning Looking GN Based In Mesoamerican Myth

by Olly MacNamee

Original Art /Detail by Pablo Polanco

This particular graphic novel campaign caught my eye simply based on the stunning artwork. But, as an unashamed fan of mythologies and legends, the story grabbed my attention too as I read more about Aztlan: The Decline of the Wind.
“Aztlan is a Mesoamerican Fantasy/Epic adventure that is based on the legend of the five suns.  in essence the legend explains that our world has passed through four eras of creation and destruction, one per sun and that all of us live under the fifth sun.  
Aztlan is the story of the Fourth Sun, of its cataclysm, creatures, gods, and the heroes that tried to prevent it. 

This will be the second graphic novel published in this series – if they can reach their goal of MX$530,000 – and will be published in several languages including Nahuatl (the original language of the Nahuas), and aims, “to give our youth (Mexican, nahuas, mixtecs, mayans that only get to see American or Japanese animation and comics) a source of inspiration, to give them heroes of their own.” But, I am sure this title will appeal to a great deal of fantasy fans too, like myself.
For more on this mythological saga check out their Kickstarter campaign page here. It still has a fortnight to go, so fingers’ crossed for all involved in this great looking graphic novel.

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