At Last, Fantastic News: Allie Brosch’s ‘Solutions And Other Problems’ Is Coming Out In September

by Richard Bruton

Allie Brosch is going to have a new book out – Solutions and Other Problems. This is fabulous, wonderful news. Seriously, did you not read Hyperbole and a Half? New book from Allie Brosch – who said there was nothing good about 2020?

This is what Brosch has to say about the book on the book’s site

I have written another book.
It took seven years. Mostly because there are 1600 pictures, but also because a lot of things happened while I was trying to write it.
Anyway, it comes out on September 22nd, which is pretty soon.
If you wish to pre-order it, you may do that here.
Thank you very much.

This is such wonderful news. Firstly, because Brosch has been quiet for quite a long time, sometime around 2016 she dropped off the radar, and having her strong enough and healthy enough to come back to us with a new book is a wonderful thing.
Secondly, well, it’s Brosch – like I said, did you not read Hyperbole & A Half? If you had, frankly you wouldn’t be needing to read any of this, odds are that you’d just be going off and ordering Solutions and Other Problems right now.
What, you want more? Okay – back cover…

Anyway, I first discovered Hyperbole & A Half, like everyone else, with Brosch’s website, where her amazing strips immediately grabbed me, her Paintbrush-drawn art was so accessible, such a breath of fresh air and her delightfully weird, absurd, honest comics were an immediate hit with me.
Her work on depression, opening up on her own personal struggles, immediately resonated and I was definitely not alone, so many others found her work so personal as well.  Her comics are magnificent things, perfectly summing up everything that depression can be, everything it can do to so many people; the anger, self-pity, intense, uncontrollable sadness, the misery, the weirdly enjoyable wallowing, the futility, the awareness of all that yet the inability to do anything to change it. Damn, it was an amazing book.

So, to get another Allie Brosch book in 2020 means we may actually have something good from this year (well, this and Rachael Smith‘s Quarantine Comix).
Here’s the press release…
“For the first time in seven years, Allie Brosh—beloved author and artist of the extraordinary #1 New York Times bestseller Hyperbole and a Half—returns with a new collection of comedic, autobiographical, and illustrated essays.
Solutions and Other Problems includes humorous stories from Allie Brosh’s childhood; the adventures of her very bad animals; merciless dissection of her own character flaws; incisive essays on grief, loneliness, and powerlessness; as well as reflections on the absurdity of modern life.
This full-color, beautifully illustrated edition features all-new material with more than 1,600 pieces of art. Solutions and Other Problems marks the return of a beloved American humorist who has “the observational skills of a scientist, the creativity of an artist, and the wit of a comedian” (Bill Gates).”
September 22nd – mark the date – it may well see the book of the year published. Find out more here and here and here.

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