Exclusive And Extended Preview: ‘Death To The Army Of Darkness’ #4

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Ben Oliver

Our intrepid have-a-go hero, Ash, is in ancient Egypt and even here, there’s no escaping the Deadites in Death to the Army of Darkness #4. Even with some handy help. Written by Ryan Parrott with art from Jacob Edgar. And, thanks to the good folks at Dynamite, we have an exclusive and extended preview of this horror-comedy out Wednesday 9th September from Dynamite.

GREAT NEWS! Team Ash defeated the Army Of Darkness! BAD NEWS! By Page 2, there’s a totally new Army Of Darkness! (Where the HELL are all these armies coming from !?!?!?!?)

Cover by Sergio Davila

Cover by Mirka Andolfo

Cover by Juan Gedeon “Jim Lee Homage” Variant


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