Review: ‘Betty and Veronica: The Bond of Friendship’ Is A Fun Take On Careers Day And These Two Friends

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Jamie Lee Rotante

Illustrated by Brittney Williams

Colors by Matt Herms

Letters by Jack Morelli

While Betty and Veronica have led their own comics before, it’s really cool how much this graphic novel is about them. Archie is barely in it and never talked about, and friendship really is the word of the day  —  not Betty and Veronica not getting along but Betty and Veronica being allowed to be different people while also being there for each other. It’s Career Day at Riverdale High and Betty and Veronica have decided to make the rounds together. In the process, readers get to see them imagine themselves pursuing different careers. Instead of just offering quick snippets, Rotante makes sure to show the whole process, too, like how can you start preparing for a career as an astronaut in high school? Rotante breaks down the steps and makes these dreams seem more attainable.

While Betty and Veronica have been everything from superheroes to biker gang leaders in the comics, Rotante also shows some jobs not being as good a fit as others and that they don’t have to do the same thing, or go to the same college, to work together.

I love that Williams put her own spin on the character designs. Professional attire doesn’t have to be stuffy and the fashions in this book are stylish and fresh (especially Veronica’s pant suits).

Trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up can be stressful but Herms’ colors and Morelli’s letters tap into the excitement and please let this not be the last we see of Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, co-presidents, because there’s a miniseries in that.

Betty and Veronica: The Bond of Friendship is available now from Archie Comics
Reviewed by Rachel Bellwoar

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