Welcome To ‘House Of X’: Your New Weekly Preview Of All X-Men Titles Out This Week In One Handy Place

by Olly MacNamee

With so many X-Men related titles out there, and often only offering up the briefest of previews, we thought it prudent to collect all and any new X-Title previews in one place and present them to you in a more meaty and economic manner, in our new regular Monday morning preview column, ‘House of X’.
Even when you add up the collective preview pages of X-Factor #3 and X-Force #12 – both out this week – it still less than your average single issue preview. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at both, shall we, starting with a preview of X-Factor #3?
Written by Leah Williams
Art by David Baldeon
Cover by Ivan Shavrin

DROWNING IN THE STREAM! Every streamer in the Mojoverse is desperate to get a little of the X-magic on their channel, but all X-Factor wants to do is figure out who murdered a Krakoan citizen.

X-Factor #3 will be available Wednesday 9th September from Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Jan Bazaldua

THE CEREBRO SWORD! After taking on the Flower Cartel, Logan has brought back valuable intel to the mutant CIA. The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa — and may be aligned with Xeno. Beast wants Colossus on their side as the first drumbeats of war begin to sound.

X-Factor #12 is out Wednesday September 9th from Marvel Comics

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