Exclusive Preview: Oz Debuts With New Creative Team In ‘Angel & Spike #14’

by James Ferguson

This month sees a new creative team jumping onto Angel & Spike from BOOM! Studios. Produced in partnership with 20th Century Studios, the September’s Angel & Spike #14 from writer Zac Thompson, artist Hayden Sherman, colorist Roman Titoy, and letterer Ed Dukeshire also features the first appearance of fan-favorite Daniel “Oz” Osbourne. We’re delighted to share an exclusive preview of the issue which you can check out below.

Detective Kate Lockley is getting pulled further into Angel’s supernatural world, but may have a connection to his violent past that neither of them ever expected! Meanwhile, Fred taps into a dangerous new magic…and that may just be part of Wolfram & Hart’s master plan. As the supernatural crime fighting team faces more danger than ever, they encounter a brand new threat and a familiar face in a strange new place . . . the fan favorite werewolf Oz!
I’ve been looking forward to this issue since it was announced. This series has been a solid noir tale mixed with the supernatural and I’m excited to see what this team will do with it next. Angel & Spike #14 features a main cover by Christopher J. Mitten and variant covers by Gleb Melnikov and Ben Templesmith. It’s set for release on September 23rd, 2020.

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