Preview – ‘Empyre: Fallout Fantastic Four’ #1 Shows The Aftermath Of ‘Empyre’

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Sean Izaakse
Colour art by Marcio Menys
Lettering by Joe Caramanga
• The fate of all future Kree/Skrull Wars is placed in the hands of… Reed Richards and his family, the Fantastic Four.
• This is NO standard issue of a Marvel Comic, True Believer. Two MAJOR TURNING POINTS for THE ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE will take place here!
• Also in this issue… The Profiteer returns, but is she here for revenge… or justice? And a special appearance by the most ominous cosmic character of them all, The Unseen!
Empyre: Fallout Fantastic Four #1 is out Wednesday 9th September from Marvel Comics.


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