Review: ‘The Plot #6’ Arrives At A Place Of Understanding

by Malissa White

The surface bubbles, then breaks. From unfathomable depths crawls terrors bound by knotted rope and creeping vine that link the past to present in an unending chain. Through malformed mouths a single call emerges: “Set us free.”

The Plot #6. Cover art by Joshua Hixson.

When we last visited The Plot, we witnessed the beginning of the Blaine family’s blood curse through a terrifying flashback in the manor’s attic. It seems the house isn’t done with him yet. Issue #6 finds Chase, Mackenzie, and Zach trapped in the darkened house by a sudden torrential downpour. 
The Plot #6. Preview Page.

Generational traumas and secrets rise from those watery depths in this fantastic issue. And the Blaine descendants are drowning in them, entombed and strangled by them. Joshua Hixson’s wonderful imagined house crawls with spreading vines like veins. It appears underwater, mimicking the very depths of the bog connected to the Blaine plot. Kurt Michael Russell’s colors enhance Hixson’s art, particularly in the washed out oranges and ghostly blue of Zach’s vision. I loved how the vision wasn’t entirely filled in, the pastoral vision only offering that which was necessary. 
The Plot #6. Preview Page.

While we may come to understand the secrets and wounds we carry from our families, writers Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci know that this is not where it ends. What remains delightfully mysterious is how Chase, Mackenzie, and Zach plan to move forward following the storm. Especially now that we know that the apparition will never stop coming for him, like it did Charles and the Blaines before them. How far is Chase willing to go to protect Mackenzie and Zach? Can he ever truly break the chains? 
The Plot #6. Preview Page.

The Plot #6 is a well-written study in horror. Daniel and Moreci weave each Blaine experience into the other skillfully, mirroring the past and present with a haunting echo that feels a little more nefarious than heartwarming. Yes, Chase and the kids had one helluva night, but this won’t be their only fright. More secrets lurk in the depths of the Blaine Family bog. I’m excited to see them surface.
The Plot #6. Preview Page.

Written by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci, with art by Joshua Hixson, colors by Kurt Michael Russell and letters by Jim Campbell, The Plot #6 is available on Comixology.

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