Image Comics Announces New Post-Apocalypse Graphic Novel ‘The Fall’ From Jared Muralt

by Olly MacNamee

New graphic novel The Fall by Jared Muralt is not, as you may first believe, a biography of Manchester’s number one mopey post-punk band but a post-apocalyptic tale for fans of The Walking Dead and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. 
“After just losing his wife, one father will have to face a world in freefall; shaken to its core by an economic, social, political and health crisis without precedent. Facing seemingly unreal and very unexpected dangers, he will do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones in a country on the brink of collapse. In this internationally acclaimed series, Jared Muralt not only tells the story of one family struggling to survive, but also questions the very reasons that brought mankind to this apocalypse.”
A country on the brink of collapse? Hmm, sounds familiar, and it’s not something that’s lost on Murlat either:

By the time I wrote The Fall I never would’ve imagined finding myself in front of empty food shelves at the grocery store just a couple years later.

Look out for the first volume on Wednesday, March 17th for Image Comics.

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