Politics Made Digestible: ‘The Mueller Report Graphic Novel’ From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

It’s been over a year since the Mueller Report dropped and while there have been a fair few other episodes concerning the current resident of the White House, IDW don’t want you forgetting about this particular episode as they plan to release their own comic book adaption of this divisive report.
“In The Mueller Report Graphic Novel, Eisner Award-winning New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler and veteran Oregonian journalist Steve Duin reach for truth against a torrent of political spin to lay bare the findings of Mueller’s investigative team. Wheeler and Duin capture history in ink, providing a clear, concise, and entertaining way for readers to truly understand the conclusions that Mueller recorded during his exhaustive investigation.”
This new project hopes to be an easy-to-read concise representation of the report’s key findings and context:
“Encouraging readers to ignore the interpretations of political parties and cable news pundits, this comprehensive graphic novel brings to life a range of key scenes, beginning with Trump’s campaign and continuing over three years of his administration. The staggering laundry list of Trump’s inner circle’s controversial contacts, statements, and perhaps even coordination — enough to overwhelm any student of the U.S. Constitution — provides a roadmap to understanding events of the past four years.”
The Mueller Report Graphic Novel is out next Wednesday September 15th, from IDW

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