The Bad Guys Answer Fan Mail In ‘Dear Super-Villains’ Coming In 2021

by James Ferguson

Last year I was absolutely delighted to read Dear Justice League, a fun original graphic novel from writer Michael Northrop and artist Gustavo Duarte. Seriously, my kids read it at least once a week and it continues to be a hit. One of the best parts about the book was the teaser at the end for its sequel, Dear Super-Villains. Ahead of DC FanDome on September 12th, 2020, DC has revealed the cover for the follow-up as well as a special treat.

Dear Super-Villains has a similar premise to Dear Justice League, where the Legion of Doom answers fan mail from young fans. It is written by Michael Northrop, illustrated by Gustavo Duarte, colored by Cris Peter, and lettered by Wes Abbott.
Peek inside the lives of DC’s infamous rogues in Dear Super-Villains, the sequel to Dear Justice League, where curious kids write to notorious scoundrels, asking them about life on the dark side.
How did Gorilla Grodd get so smart? Did Harley Quinn ever try a career in comedy? Why does Catwoman always lose to Batman? 
Each chapter highlights members of the Legion of Doom in a sympathetic way that is relatable to kids. But look closely and you may notice the baddies are up to something big! Will the Justice League show up in time to stop them? You’ll have to write in to the Tip-line of Evil to find out!

If you missed Dear Justice League, DC is putting the whole book available for free through the DC Kids comics reader for 24 hours only on September 12th on Dear Super Villains is set for release on April 6th, 2021 and is currently available for pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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