Meet The Playlist-Powered Super Hero In ‘Shuffle’ From Arledge Comics

by James Ferguson

Indie publisher Arledge Comics has announced Shuffle, a middle-grade super hero comic from writer JD Boucher and artist George Kambadais. It has a unique premise in that the main character is bonded to an old mp3 player, giving him super powers based on what songs play. The only problem is the player is stuck on shuffle.

The creators are taking submissions for music to be featured in the comic as it will be scripted using songs. Each one will be illustrated as super powers. The musical artists will be part of the book’s promotion leading up to its launch. More details can be found at
Shuffle is a dynamic coming-of-age story about the power of friendship and acceptance,” says Taylor Setniker, Editor at Arledge Comics. “We are more than excited to bring this wonderful work to fruition and to share it with the world that needs its message..”

“Arledge Comics is a fantastic publisher that has been putting out great comics for a while now,” says Boucher. “George and I couldn’t be happier to bring Shuffle to print with their help.”
Shuffle will hit Kickstarter in 2021.

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