I’m Mr. Meeseeks The Dunny, Look At Me

by Gary Catig

Kidrobot partners with pop culture’s most well-liked brands to create some highly sought-after products. They cover everything from The Simpsons to Marvel to WWE and everything in between. Their latest item might be of interest to Adult Swim viewers.
He might not be able to improve your golf game but you still might want to get your hands on this Mr. Meeseeks. The popular Rick and Morty character is joining Kidrobot’s signature collectible designer art DUNNY toy line.

This adorable guy stands 8″ tall and will be available this fall. For those wanting to ensure they don’t miss out on this limited-edition figure, the Mr. Meeseeks Dunny is currently up for pre-order. He retails for $59.99 and has an expected shipping date of this November.
Don’t be a Jerry and miss out on this offer. If you don’t act fast, these guys might fulfill their request and…Poof! They’ll disappear into thin air.

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