‘Watch Dogs Legion’ Adds Aiden Pearce As DLC

by Sage Ashford

Ubisoft released a handful of new trailers for Watch Dogs: Legion, including one confirming original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce will be appearing in the new game. The company also talked about British grime rapper Stormzy appearing in his own mission, “Fall on My Enemies,” in which Stormzy will work with DedSec to broadcast his song.
Aiden Pearce is one of four additional characters being added to the game via a season pass which is available in the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s Edition editions of the game. The season pass hasn’t quite been detailed yet, but we know that it will contain a story expansion with two separate arcs.  There will also be additional missions from DedSec along with the new characters. Ubisoft also mentioned there will be some additional free content, along with new modes and updates to the game.

Watch Dogs: Legion will release on October 29th for Xbox One, Playstation 4, the Epic Game Store, Uplay, and Stadia. It will be available on next gen consoles on their release, which is November 10th for Xbox Series.

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