Art For Art’s Sake #70: Hey Puddin’ – It’s Time For Some Art

by Richard Bruton

It’s time once again to take our weekly look round the Internet and guess what – there’s loads of great comic art out there. So, why the hell not collect it together? Yep, it’s Art For Art’s Sake time…
We shall start this wander round the comic art world with a little bit of Posy… if you aren’t aware, Posy Simmonds is the absolute queen of comics, making wonderful comics for oh so many years…

Steve Dillon – Preacher…

Ramon Villalobos – Wonder Woman versus Hercules

Richard Case – original art from Doom Patrol #66 – the run that’s been really informing the DP TV show

Roberta Gregory

Rogue by Jamie McKelvie

ROM #5 cover by Jeffrey Veregge

Sara Pichelli – Spidey…

Sean Phillips – Kid Eternity

Sinestro & Wile E Coyote – Dan Panosian

Simon Gane – cover to Paris, the great book he did with Andi Watson.

Seth – painting for a golf magazine – and the sad thing is that you know he got paid more for this single illo than he ever got from any issue of his comics.

Sergio Aragones – Spider-Man

A lil bit of Dr Who from Roger Langridge

More Dr Who – Simon Fraser

And we shall end, in our traditional fashion, with an extended look at one artist… this week it’s the genius of Bruce Timm.
Some Batman Mad Love stuff.
First of all, a beautiful example of how to really get action done just right… the kinetic brilliance of it all…

And now some process stuff from Mad Love – which, in my opinion, is STILL the greatest Batman graphic novel there’s ever been…

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