DC FanDome: The Creative Coalition Presents: Superman Radio Show World Premiere

by Benjamin Hall

(++Warning of spoilers!++)

This panel is arguably both better and the same in quality to a lot of the Comic-Con@Home panels. It is better in that it promotes the arts via promoting The Creative Coalition. (This organization is a non-profit  group that helps promote and advocate for the arts.) The panel is about the same in quality due to the complete lack of fan interaction. Meaning this panel is much the same as the Comic-Con@Home panels due the viewer feeling like a spy on a zoom call.

Those who are fans of DC, Superman, and/or old radio shows will find a variety of things to enjoy about this panel. One such element is the number of actors and actresses that appear in some capacity in this presentation. Some of those actors and actresses are: Terry Crews, Tim Daly, Henry Winkler, CCH Pounder, and Alfre Woodard. While another element is the use of the iconic Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons and select comic art as occasional visual aids (Superman (1941-1943). It is also arguable that some of the standout moments are by Alfre Woodard as Perry White, and actress Lea DeLaria as Keno. Woodard and DeLaria bring gravitas and hilarity to their roles, respectively. While Terry Crews would be interesting as Superman we instead see him do a somewhat admirable job as the narrator.

Unfortunately since this is essentially a glorified zoom call we also get actor Richard Kind having an extreme close-up with his camera. Though he otherwise does a standout job, especially with the sponsor advert breaks. Also some of the casting choices will come across as miscast. This is due in part to the various thespians giving up their characters to other thespians. Thus characterization will vary depending on which actor or actress inhabits a role. However, this is overall a great enactment of the radio show’s first several episodes.

Screenshot of the first episode title card from the beginning of the panel.

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