Netmarble Launches Official Website For Their Upcoming ‘Seven Knights – Time Wanderer’

by Gary Catig

Last April, Netmarble announced their first console game, Seven Knights – Time Wanderer, which is based off one of their popular mobile games. It seems the Nintendo Switch game will be arriving some time soon because a new official website has been launched.
The new site contains information on the history of the Seven Knights brand, important features for the console release and detailed listings on the main characters and their associated voice actors. In addition, a never before seen trailer and in-game screenshots along with digital comics and the soundtrack can accessed on the webpage.
Seven Knights – Time Wanderer combines both real time and turn based gameplay into an RPG and has entirely new control and battle systems compared to the mobile original. It follows the story of Vanessa, the eighth member of the Seven Knights as she tries to return home safely using her sentient hourglass, Sandy, after falling into the twists of time and space.

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