Passion, Politics, And Resistance Collide In ‘After The Fall’

by James Ferguson

Post-apocalyptic stories are a little closer to reality lately making them more chilling than normal. After the Fall presents a future that seems all too possible, where old politics, new religion, and personal polemic collide in an attempt to build a new kind of ruling body. Written by Jacqueline Goldfinger, illustrated by Keni “ThomCat23” Thomas, and lettered by Taylor Esposito, the comic tells the story of the superhero next door and the new world that’s waiting for us…if we don’t stop all the nonsense.

“When I first saw Keni’s work I was struck by the precise provocation of his images and ability to tell a story quickly and efficiently,” said Jacqueline Goldfinger. “I’d had an idea for a comic series earlier but hesitated to move forward because I felt like I hadn’t found the right artist. Eight months later, I saw Keni’s work, and I was so glad that I waited to find the perfect illustrator for this story.”
After the Fall takes place after a plague sweeps through the United States. In response, Canada and Mexico build walls along their borders to keep Americans out and to prevent the spread of the disease. A crew of medical misfits have found success conquering the plague in a lone outpost outside Austin, Texas. They have to fight back corrupt politicians and ravenous half-human / half mechanical Vultures to restore their home.
After the Fall #1: Blood Memory is available now on ComiXology.

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