Ray Fisher Requests New Investigator In ‘Justice League’ Abuse Case

by Erik Amaya

The Justice League story continues …
After an industry paper published a story suggesting Ray Fisher‘s battle against Warner Bros. Pictures began because he was offered a “small cameo” in the upcoming Flash feature, the actor took to Twitter to call for a new independent investigator.

Since this past June, the actor has been vocal about certain abuses perpetrated by Joss Whedon on the set of the Justice League reshoots in 2017. The actor further alleged former DC film executives Geoff Johns and Jon Berg enabled the abuse and subsequently alleging Johns committed abuses of his own after the actor brought up Whedon’s behavior to the chain of command during production.
Warner Bros. ultimately responded by agreeing to launch an independent investigation. Fisher was initially thrilled. But after word leaked that the actor was not working with firm hired to handle the case, he detailed certain irregularities in the investigation and a key conflict of interest — the third-party firm  was being retained by the studio and not the WarnerMedia corporate level. At this point, the case is a very public row of “he said/they said” with at least few stories painting Fisher as an aggrieved “relative newcomer” to the industry who “thinks” he did not get what he was promised.
Nevertheless, the actor’s allegations should be investigated fairly. His call to action led to a #IStandWithRayFisher movement on Twitter. Fellow Justice League star Jason Momoa added his voice to those who believe Fisher is seeking justice for those hurt by Whedon and, potentially, other members of the DC film executive group in 2017.
As we previously reported, Whedon, Johns, and Berg all left their positions within the DC Films structure for other projects or divisions within WarnerMedia. Johns is the executive producer of The CW’s Stargirl — a series we enjoy despite the allegations against him. Whedon is currently working on a new drama for HBO while Berg is a producer on the Warner lot.
Fisher’s new request specifically calls for the corporate level of WarnerMedia to get involved. In previous abuse cases, the studio was allowed to investigate internally. By requesting corporate involvement, Fisher seemingly hopes to address the conflict of interest in using investigators and firms already tied to the studio.
Hopefully, WarnerMedia will respond and take the lead. But we imagine another volley from Warner Bros. will be forthcoming.

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