Review: ‘Once And Future’ #11 Is A Glorious Gore-Fest Of An Issue

by Olly MacNamee

Once and Future was already a pretty dark comic book series anyway, but with this latest issue the darkness gets turned up to eleven with ample lashings of gore and horror on display as Duncan and Bridgette take down Grendel old school style. 
From the very first panel – in which we witness some kind of amphibious creature, jaws  tearing into the flesh of a freshly killed rabbit – to the very last panel, Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillian, deliver a jaw dropping, blood-drenched, knockout comic book that ramps up and zooms in on the theatrical thrills and slasher spills.

Yes there are cutaways to check in on the other side’s plans and machinations, such as Merlin and his prophecies – the compliant and macabre Arthur by his side – and so on, but this is Bridgette and Duncan’s issue, without a doubt. Well, more the former’s really, but it does show the latter is growing into his role as monster hunter with some sharp thinking and a knack for decisive action.
This issue was most definitely to my taste, and shows that Gillen can excel in any genre he turns his hand to. Mora’s art equally excels in the field of horror too and Bonvillain’s colours add a further hue of the supernatural to proceedings. Here the Otherworld and the more mundane world we inhabit are similarly coloured, the dark magic bleeding into our world. Although the solution to this particular obstacle, Grendel,  is more physical than supernatural as you’ll discover if you take up the quest and go pick up a copy of this new issue.
Rating: 9/10
Once and Future #11 is out now from BOOM! Studios
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