‘WandaVision’ Trailer Questions Marital Bliss And Vision’s Mortality

by Erik Amaya

Disney+ dropped a new trailer for WandaVision during the annual Emmys telecast on Sunday — which makes sense as the series is a send-up of sitcoms.
As seen in the trailer, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are a newly married couple in a house that looks just a little too much like the one from The Dick Van Dyke show. They also have a nosy neighbor (Kathryn Hahn), but when another couple tries to pin Wanda and Vision down to their history, everything goes a bit strange … and then the age of color happens.

The trailer reflects everything we’ve known about the series since the D32 Expo last year. But now it makes our question about the show text: what is really happening? Is Vision dead or it this a reality where he survived? Then again, considering her own reticence to answer the question about where they came from, maybe Wanda’s not in a state of mind to understand her apparent reality. Making it all the stranger: that moment with Hahn’s character at the end questioning both her existence and then Vision’s.
Which means we’ll be sitting with this for awhile yet. Put together your theories while we await the first episode.
WandaVision is set to debut on Disney+ later this year.

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