Review: ‘Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins Of Norman Osborn’ Burns With Great Responsibility

by James Ferguson


The Sin-Eater’s quest for his own form of justice continues, but are we just treading water? Or is the storyline moving forward?


The Sin-Eater has set his sights on Norman Osborn, but is that really a bad thing? The Green Goblin is one of the most heinous villains in the Marvel Universe, with the blood of innumerable people on his hands. If the Sin-Eater is going to get rid of all of Norman’s bad qualities without actually killing him, I’m not seeing the downside. Of course, Spider-Man has a problem with it, despite all of the other Spider heroes seeing the danger the web-head is in by putting himself in the middle of this encounter.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn is basically Amazing Spider-Man #48.5. It expands upon some of the material in the latest issue of the series before we get to issue #49 / #850 which will hopefully have some payoff for everything that’s been going on in this series. I do wonder why we got this one-shot where most of this could have been covered in the main series, especially since about a quarter of each issue is spent recapping what has happened to date.
Writer Nick Spencer does present an interesting perspective on this situation. We see Peter Parker’s life through the eyes of folks like Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider, and Silk. These next generation of Spider heroes aren’t bogged down by the unrelenting guilt and responsibility that Peter has carried around for decades, however they understand that he’s at the center of it all and he’s integral to the web of life and destiny.

There are some intriguing twists to the Sin-Eater’s rampage. He absorbs the powers of everyone he shoots, making him stronger with every victim. Plus, he has a disturbing group of followers that’s only getting larger. These present an interesting obstacle for Spider-Man, deftly illustrated by Federico Vicentini. There’s a sharpness to the pencils that works very well with the harshness of the Sin-Eater’s actions and words. No one is safe when he’s nearby, especially the wall-crawler.
Edgar Delgado’s colors appear a little washed out, mirroring the lack of emotions the Sin-Eater shows when he carries out his crusade. This contrasts with the other Spider heroes watching this from afar who appear full of life and caring, despite the darkness of the night surrounding them.

This is a tense scene as the Sin-Eater and his followers descend on Ravencroft looking for Norman Osborn. Letterer Joe Caramagna conveys that in the heated discourse between Spidey and his greatest enemy. What stood out to me the most in this issue were the sound effects which pack an extra punch with how brutal the actions are around them.
While we didn’t necessarily need a recap of Norman Osborn’s past misdeeds to know he’s deserving of all sorts of punishment, what is interesting about this one-shot is how Spider-Man cannot sit idly by while someone’s life is threatened. That unwavering sense of responsibility has him putting his life on the line to save his greatest foe.
Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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