Seeley And Booth’s Final ‘Bloodshot’ Arc Begins This January

by Gary Catig
Art by David Nakayama

Almost a year after Tim Seeley and Brett Booth began as the creative team for the latest Bloodshot series, Valiant Entertainment announced their run would be coming to an end. But don’t fret because there’s still some time before they finish up their story.

The duo’s final arc will begin this January with issue #10 and is titled ‘One Last Shot’. The titular character faces retribution for his actions and to tie the comic with the recently released motion picture, two characters from the film will be featured in the upcoming story arc: Wilfred Wigans and KT.

To help promote ‘One Last Shot’, Valiant teased some of Booth’s pencils from issue #10.

Pencils by Brett Booth

Seeley spoke about his and Booth’s final arc:

“Coming out of The Burn storyline, Bloodshot feels like he should finally leave himself in the darkness and not come back, but then Wigans calls him and says he needs him. Every time he turns his back on humanity, he has another reason to come back to humanity. Wigans is a story generator and we get to tie his story back to the past with our villain, who I won’t spoil for everybody. It’s a nod back to some classic Bloodshot continuity by bringing back a new version of one of the bad guys.”

Bloodshot #10 arrives January 13, 2021. It is written by Tim Seeley with art by Brett Booth and Pedro Andreo.

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