Victorian Christmas Horror Collected: ‘Some Strange Disturbances- A Cold Winter’s Eve’ Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

With just a week left in its Kickstarter campaign, the team behind Some Strange Disturbances: A Cold Winter’s Eve is just $4,000 shy of reaching their goal. This anthology, curated by Craig Hurd-McKenney, celebrates the Victorian tradition of Christmas ghost stories with a haunting collection of shorts. Contributors include Peter Gross, Vince Locke, Michael Conrad, Lauren Franklin, G Romero Johnson, Keni Thomas, and Kam White.

Pledge levels range between $5-$100. Campaign rewards include a new limited postcard featuring art from Dame Darcy and Katie Skelly, Headless Shakespeare Press donations to LGBTQ libraries and resource centers of your choice, paper dolls, a tote, and more.

The campaign wraps up on September 30th. Check it out right here. You can also join the Headless Shakespeare Press and the book’s creative team on Instagram live each night at 7pm ET until September 25th.

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