Rahul Kohli Teases ‘Star Wars’ Fans With Ezra Bridger Joke

by Erik Amaya

Sometimes, a Twitter joke can go on a Kessel Run of its own.
Actor Rahul Kohli fueled Star Wars fan speculation Thursday with a particularly pointed Twitter post: “I’ve gotten into that Lothal orphan, force sensitive, trained by Kanan Jarrus kind of shape. For no particular reason.” In a subsequent post, he emphasized, “Seriously, for no particular reason.”

Nevertheless, the always on-fire imaginations of Star Wars fans took the tweet as confirmation that Kohli will be playing Ezra Bridger in some sort of live action Star Wars series. The character first debuted on Star Wars Rebels. Voiced by Taylor Gray, the character did a lot of growing up over the animated series’ four-season run. He went from scavenger to able Jedi apprentice; learning from Padawan-in-exile Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein), and — on at least one occasion — Master Yoda. The Rebels finale saw Ezra lost in space during his final confrontation with Grand Admiral Thrawn, but a coda featuring Ahsoka and Sabine Wren (Tiya Sircar) set after the Battle of Endor suggested he may still be alive. Rebels creator Dave Filoni eventually confirmed both Ezra and Thrawn survived.
As it happens, Kohil is known for being playful on Twitter. But it didn’t stop fans from running wild or GamesRadar from running a story about the actor’s tweet. He eventually responded to the site’s story, saying, “I was just goofing around. Where the f*ck is my publicist? Please take over my social accounts.” So, for the moment, we’ll assume this was just attempt to lighten the mood on Twitter, which is filled with dark tidings at the moment.
But Kohli added a coda of his own, contrasting his current look with that of a grown-up and bearded Ezra. If he wasn’t already in the frame for the part, he definitely is now … at least in the hears of fans.

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