Action RPG ‘Fallen Legion Revenant’ Launches This February From NIS America

by Gary Catig

During the New Game + Expo, NIS America announced their new title, Fallen Legion Revenants. The action RPG will be hitting retailers this February.
The story takes place in a world suffering from a great plague which turns humans into mutated beasts. The last bastion of humanity is the floating fortress known as Welkin Castle. The revenant Rowena teams with a charismatic politician named Lucien to rid the world of the mutants using the sentient weapons known as the Exemplars. Players will use attacks and blocks, combos and deathblows, and exploitation of enemy weaknesses to help save the realm.
Key Features Include:

  • Weaver of Fate – Influence the events within the castle through dialogue choices and determine who lives or dies with every made decision.
  • Unearthly Warriors – As Rowena, test your reflexes and tactical prowess with intense real-time battles as you command a squad of legendary Exemplars to decimate foes.
  • Forbidden Knowledge – As Lucien, craft potions and other useful items with Alchemic Recipes and use stealth tactics to navigate the castle and discover its secrets.

Fallen Legion Revenants will be available on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and arrives in February 2021 in North America, Europe and Oceania.

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