‘The Beastmaster’ To Get A 4K Release In November

by Erik Amaya

It’s a new life for Dar (Marc Singer) … better known as The Beastmaster.
Vinegar Syndrome announced on Friday that a 4K UHD Blu-ray release of the film is scheduled for November. Despite director Don Coscarelli announcing a search for the original camera negatives last month, he was happy to learn the niche home video company tracked down a “pristine printing element, a high quality Interpositive, in the Warner Bros. vaults.”
In the days of film labs and physical prints, interpositives were used as a “protection” source in the process of making film copies for theaters. Maintaining all of the cuts, photographic effects, and desired color timing, they are rarely touched after striking an internegative — the true source of theater prints. While losing a little fidelity from the negatives, they often prove to be the most chemically stable and ready-to-use source available for video transfer.
Besides a 4K scan of the film from the restored interpositive, the UHD release will also feature a “newly produced multi-part feature length making-of documentary,” in addition to “select extras ported over from previous DVD releases” and bonus features yet to be revealed.
The film tells the story of Dar, a barbarian who can telepathically communicate with animals. He sets out on a quest of vengeance against the evil wizard who murdered his parents. Along the way, he meets human allies, fights terrifying creatures, and seemingly brings peace to at least one community.  It’s a step above many of the other films in the sword-and-sorcery genre thanks to Coscarelli’s talents as a writer and director.
The 4K UHD Blu-ray is currently up for pre-order at Vinegar Syndrome‘s website. And while we’ll be happy to get it, we also hope Coscarelli still finds the film’s negatives.
(h/t: Bloody Disgusting)

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