Art For Art’s Sake # 72: More Artistic Sequential Delights Await…

by Richard Bruton

I write these slightly in advance of publication, so for all I know, we could be knee-deep in frogs, locusts, and killer bees by now… But hey, let the frogs eat the locusts and don’t antagonise the bees and you should be all right.
Oh yes, it’s time for Art For Art’s Sake
William Wray – Urban Realist…

Gotham AcademyMingjue Helen Chen

Gisele Lagace – Josie & The Pussycats

Elizabeth Torque – She-Hulk

Eddie CampbellFrom Hell

Steph Buscema – Dazzler

Stephane Berger – Delirium

Zatanna – Des Taylor

Variant cover to Teen Titans 100 by Phil Jimenez

Tank Girl – Andrew Robinson

Steve Rude – Peter Parker, MJ, and Gwen…

DD by Geof Darrow

Dredd 2012 by Jock

The Bat & The Cat – Alan Davis

The Bat & The Joker – Bill Sienkiewicz

Chris Samnee – Black Widow

Classic Bolland from Action Comics…

Bruce Timm – the Spirit…

And whilst talking of The Spirit, here’s a classic Will Eisner Spirit… A Time Stop from 1951…

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