Something For The Weekend: A Selection Of News, Reviews And Previews To Catch-Up With

by Olly MacNamee

As we come to terms with more restrictions here in the UK and a second wave of coronavirus breathing down on us, maybe now’s a good time to take a break and catch up with a selection of posts from the past week? Here’s this week’s ten-to-takeaway:

  1. Many of you may find yourselves heading out to your local comic book store this weekend. If so, you may want to consider these titles that seems to be popular with our readers. Let’s start with a reminder of why John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell’s Rok The God got a 10/10 here.
  2. Another review – and one of my personal favourite new columns – is fellow Senior Editor James Ferguson and sons’ review of Wrapped Up Vol. 1 in new semi-regular column ‘Ferg and Sons Review’ here.
  3. New comic book The Picture of Everything Else was announced by Vault Comics and we seem to be one of the few sites to pick it up. What with it being inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey, I can understand why less informed sites may have shied away from such a grandiose new book. But, not us. Take a first look at this great looking gothic title here.
  4. Want more suggestions? Well, you won’t go too far wrong if you chose to add Giga #1 to you pull list. I got an advance look at this new sci-fi, mecha-mad book here.
  5. A fifth and final review to include this week is X-Men: Marvels Snapshot #1 by our very own X-Man, and all round X-Men expert, the uncanny Tony Thornley. Read his thoughts on this one-shot here.
  6. Our anime and manga man, Tito W James made a compelling argument for why we should all take a look at the filmography of anime director Takeshi Koike here. If you’re looking for inspiration as to what to watch this weekend, Tito certainly gives you a great deal of options.
  7. Another new column that seem to go from strength to strength is our ‘New To You Comics’ with this week’s column dusting off Image Comics’ The Last Siege collection as discussed by Tony Thornley and Brendan M. Allen collection here.
  8. On the TV front, EiC, Erik Amaya, picks out the best of Netflix’s October offerings here.
  9. One comic book cover that had people interested was Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #253 that has our hero openly endorsing Joe Biden and Kamal Harris. What next, a frog endorsing Trump?
  10. Finally, we learnt this week that the sixth season of Supergirl will be its last. Read more here, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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