D23 Expo Postpones To September 2022

by Erik Amaya

As the convention business continue to reel from the reality of COVID-19, Disney has made an big decision regarding D23 Expo — it’s skipping a year.
Per the event’s own Twitter page, the usually bi-annual convention will skip 2021. Instead, it will occur from September 9-10th, 2022 with a promise to reveal plans for the company’s 100th anniversary. The timing is notable for a few reasons: it’s leaving its traditional August perch entirely and it will occur just a couple of weeks after the next Star Wars Celebration at the same convention center in Anaheim, CA.
Presumably, there is enough of a difference in terms of possible announcements and fanbases to make the events fairly different. Indeed, we covered both of the 2019 events and found them to be unique in different ways. Celebration is literally a week-long Star Wars party whereas D23 Expo feels more like an industry trade show. Of course, that sensation may be different if both events are happening weeks apart in the same space. Some fans are already expressing anger over the scheduling as it means someone will have to pick one over the other.
Nevertheless, we feel postponing D23 Expo an extra year is the best choice for everyone. In fact, it is probably safe to assume physical conventions of any stripe will be on break through 2021. We’ll be surprised if anything before New York Comic Con 2021 actually happens. And even then, that’s assuming it will be safe for NYCC to occur around this time next year.

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