‘Riverdale’ Adds Erinn Westbrook As A Season 5 Regular

by Erik Amaya

Look’s like Pop’s will have a new proprietor.
Deadline reports The Resident‘s Erinn Westbrook is joining the cast of Riverdale as Tabitha Tate. Described as ambitious and entrepreneurial, she’s Pop Tate’s (Alvin Sanders) granddaughter and comes to town with a plan to franchise Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe even as the rest of the town suffers economically.
As previously reported, the series will flash forward seven years after a handful of episodes wrap up the Season 4 storyline and see the kids graduate from Riverdale High. Life after the fast-forward will likely be very different and potentially connect the dots to the doom-and-gloom of Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) narration.
Of course, there is now one question you have to ask about that leap in time: is Pop still alive?
The series resumed production last week, so it is on schedule for its 2021 return, which will no doubt be a relief to those still smarting from May’s de facto season finale.

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