Valiant Partnership With Mighty Mojo Toys Begins With Captivating New Puzzles

by Gary Catig

Like any comic publisher, Valiant Entertainment has pursued other mediums to showcase their characters and universe. Whether it’s through feature films, video games or merchandise, there are different ways to indulge in Valiant fandom. Recently, they teamed up with Mighty Mojo Toys to bring captivating new puzzles to the masses.

There are two 500-piece puzzles to choose from featuring fan favorites from across all corners of the Valiantverse. One is a Bloodshot jigsaw puzzle while the other is a Valiant Comics Universe Jigsaw puzzle. There are so many heroes packed in, but I personally love Vincent Van Goat. Both retail for $14.99 are now available.

Caryl Liebmann, Vice President of Licensing and Business Development at Mighty Mojo Toys shared, “We’re thrilled to partner with Valiant and have the opportunity to create some pretty cool toys worthy of the Bloodshot characters”.

These are only the first of many products coming from the new collaboration between the two companies. Expect even more puzzles, along with plushies and cool toys, coming your way soon.

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