Review: The Omega Rangers Go Cosmic In ‘MMPR’ #54

by James Ferguson


A new threat looms in the cosmos, but will the Omega Rangers be enough to stop it? The stage is set for the next big thing.


The team on Earth have their hands full with the return of Lord Drakkon, so we turn our attention to the stars where the Omega Rangers face off against a new foe. We’ve seen this trio fight Rita, Lord Zedd, and all kinds of monsters, but never something like this. We’re talking a Galactus-like threat ready to devour entire galaxies. They’re basically fighting a god. Are Megazords strong enough to fight a god?

As Mighty Morphin Power Rangers prepares to wrap up, making way for two new series, Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers, this issue sets the stage for what’s to come in. Writer Ryan Parrott introduces a new villain, called The Empyreal that brings with it a whole new set of problems. The Omega Rangers were already popping around space, cleaning up some problems out there, but this really cements them as a cosmic force.
The Power Rangers comics are in a bit of a weird place right now as they’ve moved past just about all of the stories they could tell with the original cast. We’ve been through the basic villains and some new ones, so here we’re venturing into some brand new territory and it’s pretty cool. It’s also deadly serious. This is so far from hokey eyeball monsters.

Artist Moises Hidalgo delivers that galactic terror very well. We get a real sense of the sheer power of The Empyreal. It seems completely unaffected by the Omega Rangers’ attacks. They’re throwing everything they can at this thing and they’re being swatted away like gnats. Letterer Ed Dukeshire adds a disturbing voice to this new enemy with an unsettling font shown in angled word balloons. It conveys the alien nature with its raw strength.
That’s just the beginning of The Empyreal’s power. It also summons a terrifying monster that requires the Omega Rangers to call in their Zords. Hidalgo handles these well with some fantastic action sequences full of excitement. Colorist Igor Monti makes these come alive with crackling energy. The attacks explode on the page like lightning strikes. The Omega Rangers are battling on a planet on the verge of destruction, so there’s a dark and foreboding quality to the setting that contrasts well with the bright colors of their costumes and the zords.

Where the artwork falls short are in some of the forms for the Rangers, particularly in those action scenes. The anatomy is a little off. I can see this being stretched at times, like a wind up for a big attack, but they just look odd.
We’re heading to some bold new ground in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #54. It’s putting the Omega Rangers on a whole other level that will set the stage for what’s to come. It’s certainly a very exciting time to be Power Ranger fan.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #54 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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