Cosmic Ghost Rider Battles Red Goblin In ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Following the House of X event in September, Marvel Contest of Champions has some time-travelling fun in store for their October event. Developer Kabam released an all new motion comic to tease the next two entrants in the mobile fighter.
Fans of Donny Cates’ breakout character from his Thanos run, the Cosmic Ghost Rider, will rejoice as he becomes available to use. This version of Frank Castle is fending off an invasion led by the other newly available character, Red Goblin. A quick description about the event can be found below:
Several time anomalies have been detected on the far reaches of The Battlerealm. As concerning as numerous temporal activities in one region is, it does not appear to affect the mysterious characters running amok in the nearby area. 
Reports state that “The Rider” has been sighted in the region after tracking down a seemingly abandoned warehouse filled with countless Crystals. As great of a find as this is, caution is urged, as there is very likely a sinister reason why the Crystals were abandoned in the first place…
Hop in and get ready for a turbulent ride through The Contest as Cosmic Ghost Rider and Red Goblin fight for, about & through time itself in this month’s Event Quest; Recursion!

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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