‘The Department Of Truth’ #2 Incentive Variant Covers Revealed

by Olly MacNamee

1:10 cover by Francesco Francavilla

James Tynion IV dropped the latest edition of his newsletter, The Empire of the Tiny Onion, on subscribers this afternoon and with it came a first look at the incentive covers for The Department of Truth #2. We thought you might like to see them for anyone currently not subscribing to Tynion IV’s Tiny Onion newsletter. After all, we’ve given it enough coverage so far, so why stop now, right?
“COLE TURNER has spent most of his life suppressing false memories of Satanic ritual abuse at his preschool. Now, he’s the newest recruit of the Department of Truth…and he just found out those false memories might be truer than he thinks. JAMES TYNION IV (Batman, Something is Killing the Children) & MARTIN SIMMONDS (Dying is Easy) continue their breakout conspiracy thriller!”
The Department of Truth #2 will be out Wednesday October 28, 2020. For more on books written by James Tynion IV, maybe sign up for his newsletter here and his out more about Wynd, Something is Killing the Children and more?
1:25 cover by David Romero

1:50 cover by Martin Simmonds


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