The Sleeper Has Been Delayed — ‘Dune’ Moves To October 2021

by Erik Amaya

Despite the excitement of the recent Dune trailer, the faithful will have to wait nearly a whole extra year for the film.

Collider reports the highly anticipated Denis Villeneuve film has been delayed to October 1st, 2021. The news will no doubt to be crushing to fans of the filmmaker, the novel series upon which the film is based, and MacFarlane Toys, who won the chance to make Dune action figures. The Batman may also be in for a shock as it is currently scheduled for release that day.

Though Warner Bros. Pictures has yet to confirm the change, it is no surprise to see the film move out of 2020. As we’ve been suggesting since Wonder Woman 1984 moved to December, Dune was a prime candidate for the next round of scheduling changes. Add the momentum caused by No Time to Die moving to next April and it seems all of 2020’s tentpoles will eventually become the welcome back features of 2021.

Well, presuming there will be indoor theaters left when Dune reaches release. The large Regal/Cineworld chain announced plans Monday to temporarily close its U.S. and U.K. locations because of a lack of high profile films to entice would-be moviegoers. Some theater owners are even openly saying the delay of No Time to Die will cause their businesses to shuffle off the capitalist mortal coil. And while chain multiplexes will, ultimately, weather the storm, smaller independent screens may not be as lucky.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear how much of the two-part Dune film is actually complete. It would appear the latter half of the book is yet to be filmed and delaying the release of part one may be a net positive as it keeps the idea in people’s minds once Villeneuve reconvenes cast and crew for the sequel. And if Warner Bros. has any intention of keeping Dune around as a franchise, timing the release and production of the films is essential.

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