Crowdfunding Comics: New LGBTQ+ YA Graphic Novel ‘Twin Kings’ Battle’ To Advertise On Hulu Ahead Of Launch

by Olly MacNamee

FairSquare is an independent small press publisher that is about to launch a new crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter next week. Twin Kings’ Battle is a new YA LGBTQ+ fantasy flavoured graphic novel by Phil Briones (Ignited) with a manga twist to it.

But with two successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns behind them, why the need for advertising on Hulu for this next campaign?

Here’s Fabrice Sapolsky CEO and founder of FairSquare to answer:

“’Twin Kings’ Battle’ being a project unlike any other, we needed to be creative in terms of marketing and promotion. Mid-September, HULU opened a program for small businesses. I applied and got in. From there, it was a no brainer. Promoting our Kickstarter campaign on the airwaves with just as powerful tools as YouTube’s is the thing we needed to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. To my knowledge, we’re not just the only publisher, big or small, to go on HULU, we’re also the only one bringing the Kickstarter brand with us.”

As for the story itself?

Twin King’s Battle, from writer-artist Phil Briones, is a story inspired by the best Asian romance tales of all mediums including manga/manga, tv series, and literature. It’s a sentimental queer multi-layered drama fueled by supernatural and mystical elements.

Briones has recently illustrated Ignited from Humanoids and now ready to launch his own campaign with FairSquare on Thursday October 8th, a day after the advertisement is aired. We’ll give you more on the campaign when it launches in two days time, but do look out for this, the first ever comic book campaign to be adverted on Hulu, on Wednesday 7th October and running until October 15th.

We’ll leave you wit the tease that there will be many tiers made available including monthly digital deliveries and special variant covers from Phil Briones and comic book stars Jim Cheung and Yanick Paquette

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