Donny Cates’ ‘Crossover’ Gets Raw Art Cover By Geoff Shaw And Ryan Stegman

by Olly MacNamee
‘Ellie’ cover by Geoff Shaw (1:75)

Donny Cates‘ much-anticipated Image comic book series Crossover gets two new covers to add to the growing collection of variants coming out with the first issue. Three ‘raw’ covers from  Geoff Shaw and Ryan Stegman.

The raw Shaw “Ellie” cover will be a 1:75 incentive cover, the raw Stegman cover art will be a 1:100 incentive cover, the Geoff Shaw “Infinity” cover (main cover) will be a 1:200 incentive cover. The reason for ‘raw’ covers? Cates loves ’em, so why not? But, here’s Cates with an even better explanation:

“I’ve always loved these kind of raw covers, and I’m so happy we were lucky enough to be able to produce them for my favorite book I’ve ever been a part of. It’s like owning a piece of original art from the series! Which…. as fast as people are buying Ryan and Geoff’s art, might be the closest I ever get to having one!”

Not long to wait now. Crossover #1 is out Wednesday November 4th, Have you asked your store to put a copy away for you yet? You know it’s going to sell out, right?

Now, let’s take a look at the other covers up for grabs too, including a wicked The Walking Dead #1 homage cover and one by Tradd Moore too! Which one will you be hoping to pick up?


Cover by Ryan Stegman (1:100)
Cover by Geoff Shaw (1:200) 

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