John Higgins Discusses Watchmen, 2000AD And More As Part Of Liverpool Literary Festival

by Olly MacNamee

This weekend sees Liverpool celebrate literature in all its forms with the annual Liverpool Literary Festival. But, like with anything festive this year, plans have had to be changed and moved online. But, that simply means that the potential audience becomes global and not just regional. So, many of you may be interested in one particular event happening on Sunday October 11th and featuring artist John Higgins.
Streaming on Facebook, via Zoom, you can join Higgins as he discusses his career to date, no doubt a bit or two on Watchmen, as well as talking about new projects too. And, there will be chance to ask questions as well.
Of you are interested, do register here and set your watches, man, for this Sunday afternoon at 5.30pm (GMT)/12.30pm (ET).

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