Marvel Drops Clues With New ‘Black Widow’ Variant Covers

by James Ferguson

Spoilers for Black Widow #2 ahead as Marvel is dropping some hints as to the mystery unfolding in the future of this series from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Elena Casagrande. The publisher has revealed variant covers for the next two issues showing first a foreboding family portrait by Annie Wu and then a look at Natasha Romanoff’s shattered past by Marco Checcheto.

The new Black Widow series has found Natasha in an unfamiliar setting to us, shown with a perfect life in San Francisco with a nice job and a loving fiance, but there are chinks in this suburban armor. As we learned in this week’s Black Widow #2, she has a son named Stevie. Who is he and who are the villains behind this plot? When and how will she break free?
“Our first arc has some of the stuff you would expect in a Black Widow book, but I think twisted in a new way that’s interesting,” Thompson told “And where she ends up at the end of this highly personal and life changing story is ALSO interesting!”

“I love to put on the pages all my visual knowledge from movies and TV shows, to find a kind of fine solution or charming fusion between the potential of the comic language and the modern motion-picture visual,” Casagrande said in a recent interview with Inverse. “Panel layouts are inspired by movie frames but always keeping in mind tricks and codes of the comics that bring me the opportunity to give great vibes with fewer efforts.”
Black Widow #3 is set for release on November 4th, 2020.

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