Pick Of The Week: Our Top Three Recommendations From This Week’s New Comics

by Olly MacNamee

There was another various and diverse selection of comic books out this week, but which three do we recommend?

Adler #4 (Titan Comics)

Written by Lavie Tidhar

Art by Paul McCaffrey

A steampunk series that pits the greatest female protagonists of Victorian literature against the might of the immortal Ayesha – She-who-must-be-obeyed – in this ripping yarn. This issue was an all-out action packed affair as Ayesha embraces the new century while the past era slowly slips away to be replaced by a century of scientific endeavours and female rights.

Stand out characters in this series have to be Estella Havisham; a woman who truly represents the age to come and no longer languishing in the man-eating Hell Charles Dickens imagined for her. All lavishly and lovingly illustrated by Paul McCaffrey, a modern day Pre-Raphealite given the level of detail he puts into each panel.  – Olly MacNamee

You can read a more fuller review here.

Batman #100 (DC Comics)

Written by James Tynion and various

Art by Jorge Jimenez

This is without a doubt the best issue of Tynion IV’s run, and it’s exactly what the series needs to give it a push into the future. By restoring the Bat-family, easily the best thing to happen to Batman, he re-establishes a Batman that’s better because of the people around him. With Oracle and Nightwing at the helm for the B plot, it was the perfect amount of nostalgia right alongside the superhero action. Plus, the inclusion of the newer members of the family, particularly Duke and Kate, keeps the move from feeling like “been there, done that.” –

Jimenez pulls out all the stops for this issue. He frames the action in some cinematic ways, but keeps the layouts engaging and vivid. His fluid character work creates a sense of motion as our heroes seem to bound across the page. It all leads up to a quiet epilogue, where he’s able to flex his muscles best by slowing down and showing a quiet moment between Batman and Harley as the two connect in a way that only the two of them really can. It feels like a quiet connection between two people with shared trauma, not just a comics page featuring two of DC’s best selling characters. – Tony Thornley

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Knight vs Pirates (Reckless Hero)

Written by Jay Martin

Art by Chris Imber

Colour art by Chris Jenkins

King Arthur versus Blackbeard across the tides of time is most definite one of the more original takes on the Arthurian legend I’ve come across. Add to that a very contemporary art style and you have a rather unorthodox, but kick-ass original graphic novel from this UK small press publisher.

Dynamic layouts, a dramatic fantasy story and the Lady of the Lake as you’ve never seen her before. A high concept, high-octane summer blockbuster of a book and available for pre-order now, are a very successful Kickstarter campaign. – Olly MacNamee

You can read the full review and where to obtain a copy here.

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